EURATOM - An Obstacle to a Fast and Fair Energy Transition

13.04.21, 14:00 - 16:00, Live Webinar

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The European Parliament, Commission and Council have now paved the way for the "Conference on the Future of Europe", will this event be the opportunity to address the reform of the Euratom Treaty?

The Euratom treaty - which sets the expansion of the civil use of nuclear energy as a common goal of the European Union - has hardly changed since the six founding countries signed it more than 60 years ago. However, the situation and objectives of the European Union have changed considerably over the years. Many European member states have either never used nuclear power or have decided to phase it out. At the same time, the EU has also set itself targets to achieve a carbon-neutral European Union by 2050. Is a separate legal personality compatible with this objective? How can we ensure the democratisation of this Treaty through the full involvement of the European Parliament and civil society in nuclear legislation?

This conference will be based on the recommendations of 6 European NGOs, the expertise of the lawyer Doerte Fouquet and the feedback from the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament.
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